Local News Plus  |  10 February 2017

APARTMENT owners are calling on the NSW Government to give them a say on whether short-term letting is allowed in individual apartment blocks.

Recent changes to the rules mean that an Owners Corporations cannot stop short-term rentals, even if that's what people who live in a strata community want.
The Our Strata Community, Our Choice campaign is building a coalition of concerned apartment owners to fight for a say in whether their facilities are made available for short-term letting.

Campaign spokesperson Stephen Goddard said it was vitally important that the apartment owners who pay for facilities like lifts and garages, have some say over who uses them.
"With 12,200 new properties forecast to be built in the region in the next few years and many being apartments, residents should be able to control whether they share facilities with tourists," Mr Goddard said. "Apartment owners are responsible for the wear and tear and use of communal assets, and pay for upkeep of the lobby, lifts, garage and other facilities.
"If they are damaged or get worn down by short-term holiday makers, owners pay for it through higher strata fees, and the NSW laws leave strata communities with no say in the matter.

"That's what we are trying to change and we are calling on all apartment owners to speak up, not just in the inner-city but in suburbs throughout NSW where apartment living is on the rise."
The campaign comes as the NSW Government is considering its response to a recent Parliamentary inquiry into the adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in NSW.
"Put simply, our homes are not hotels and the NSW Government and all local representatives must listen to residents and realise that we want, need and deserve a say in the process," Mr Goddard said.

"The first rule of asking someone to share is actually asking someone. Otherwise it's just plain theft.

"All we simply want is a say on short stay."

The NSW Government is expected to respond to the inquiry on April 19.

For more info or to join the campaign, go to OurStrataOurChoice.org.au