Once the new NSW Government is in place, they have an opportunity to give people who live in strata back a voice, and a say on who gets to share their homes.

With short-term letting in apartment blocks picking up over the Christmas and New Year period, apartment owners are now counting the cost to community facilities, with the compulsory guests now leaving.

“We have seen over Christmas a real spike in short-term letting in apartment blocks, and with this comes damage to communal property,” said Owners Corporation Network spokesperson Stephen Goddard.

“This was a live test that was conducted in our buildings under the new strata legislation.  The new Act failed us.  We look forward to working with the new NSW Government to resolve the short term letting issue.

“These are our BBQ areas, our greenspaces, our carports, and in some cases, our lifts and gyms, that we pay strata levies for and are being forced to ‘share’ with strangers who don’t contribute to the upkeep.

“This is a lived reality that is impacting more and more people moving into strata – increased wear and tear, increased costs, higher strata fees and no say.

 “It’s not fair, and we want to work with the new government to make the system fairer – so that we can allow short stays if that’s what apartment buildings want, but stop them from occurring if it’s not.”

Concerned owners are kicking off the Our Strata Community, Our Choice campaign, to highlight the plight of apartment owners who have lost control of who does and does not stay in their buildings.

“Let me be clear, short-term letting has a place in NSW, but apartment residents should be given a say whether or not their respective apartment blocks allow short-term letting,” said Goddard.

The campaign comes as the NSW Government is considering its response to a recent Parliamentary Inquiry into the adequacy of the regulation of short-term holiday letting in New South Wales.

The NSW Government is expected to respond to the inquiry on 19 April 2017.