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About the campaign

A NSW Parliamentary Committee has recommended apartment owners should have no right to choose whether or not short-term rentals like AirBnB are permitted in their building.

The NSW Government changes to the Strata Schemes Management Act came into effect in November 2016, and prevent apartment owners from having a say on whether to allow holiday rentals. 

Our Strata Community, Our Choice is a campaign to demand that owners have the right to decide whether they will accept short-term rentals into our communities.

As the situation currently stands, if communal facilities of an apartment building are damaged by short-term letting, it is apartment owners, who had no say in allowing tourists in, who foot the bill.

These are our garages, carports, lifts, lobbies, grassed areas, pools and gyms that we pay for, and we should have a say on whether they are opened up to tourists and bucks’ parties.

New York and London have both introduced severe restrictions on short-term letting, and NSW and Sydney need to follow their lead. 

But unlike those cities, we are not asking for a ban.  We are demanding a vote and a voice. 

If the majority of owners in a building support or oppose short-term letting in an apartment block, that should be the factor that decides whether short-term letting is allowed. 

Our homes are not hotels, and we need a say on short-term stays. It’s not the sharing economy if you don’t ask, it’s simply theft.

Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Matt Kean in Question Time discussing the importance of strata communities and the issue of short-term letting.

Campaign spokesperson, Michael Mangan discuss the tax issues surrounding short-term letting with Ross Greenwood.

Campaign spokesperson, Stephen Goddard, discussing the impact short-term letting has on rental affordability.

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